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Anyone can grab a camera and create an image, but understanding the language of visual media is the key to creating engaging and persuasive content. There is so much information packed into each frame. We believe this information should be selected as carefully as an author selects words. Each image effects the viewer consciously and subconsciously. We are completely in control of our message and leave nothing to chance. We strive to create coherency and meaning, and a visual table rich with meaning.


Research has shown that while buyers consider many factors in making a purchase, their decision is ultimately based on emotion. Before filming even begins, we develop a thorough understanding of the client’s brand, the function of the video, and the buying audience. We utilize cutting-edge techniques and approach each project in terms of how it will make the audience feel.

This differs from the approach of most companies which see video as a method of delivering information. We do not make boring talking head videos, videos full of text or still graphics that are better utilized in print. Our films start with a bang and leave audiences saying “Wow!”



When it comes to emotionally persuasive, visually rich video content, we like to think we’re the best in the region. In fact, no one makes videos quite like Goodtastic! While this level of quality usually comes at a premium, we’re able to offer competitive pricing by keeping our crews small, and offering an a-la-carte pricing system. So you only pay for what you need to achieve your video goals. No job is too big or too small.

What does it cost? Our most basic packages start at $3500. Contact us with your idea, and we will create a custom quote just for you!