When I'm behind the camera, I'm drawing from over 25 years as a photographer and cinematographer, as well as my background in drawing, painting and design. Image composition and camera movement are second-nature while I'm in the field, allowing me to focus on my relationship with the subject. My tremendous sensitivity to delicate subject matter such as children and animals allows me to film unobtrusively and achieve a cinéma vérité documentary style similar to classic documentarians like D.A. Pennebaker and Frederick Wiseman.

I enjoy being a pioneering female in my industry. I'm inspired by the powerful images of many brave and tireless women camera operators, producers and editors who have blazed trails in this field. I honor those women every time I look through my camera.

A boy with autism suggested the name "Goodtastic" when I started my film production company in 2011, and couldn't imagine a better name. My films would be positive, humanitarian and wonderful, and so would my approach to customer service.

My first film for Miami Country Day School was called "Why Teach?" It was a collection of interviews and classroom footage of elementary school teachers. The film received overwhelmingly positive reviews, and five years later the film still recruits parents – and teachers – to the school.

I joined forces with sound recordist and editor Christopher Lopez in 2013. Our first collaboration was "Frank's Ugly Art", a video portrait of a Wynwood street artist. The film screened at the 2014 San Francisco Documentary Film Festival. In the words of the artist, "Your film opened doors for me." He now has gallery representation, and he's still using the film to promote his work.

Our unique attention to music and sound design is one of many qualities that sets us apart from other production companies. We often hire independent or unsigned artists, and frequently integrate music from jazz, rock or classical canons. Christopher's talent for sound design in our films is an effect that you will likely feel, rather than notice, but this additional layer allows the viewer to be completely immersed in the atmosphere of the film. It's details such as these that elevate the films from pure information delivery into unforgettable experiences. 

Today, Goodtastic makes films for independent schools and innovate businesses. Our most recent work took us to Yosemite National Park to interview ranger Shelton Johnson. We've filmed Tibetan Monks from the Drepong Gomang monastery in India, interviewed top TED lecturer Sir Ken Robinson (on 3 hours of sleep!) and explored the minds of countless teachers, educators, parents and children. I feel like I've only just begun to scratch the surface of what's possible in the medium of film, and I'm always enthusiastic about the next project.