the story

Why Goodtastic?


One of our first clients took a risk.

They needed more customers and tried everything - except video.

So they invested in a video from Goodtastic Films.

We spoke with them and discovered the emotional core of their brand.

Then we got to work.

Several weeks later, our client traveled the world with her new film. She opened presentations with the video, leaving auditoriums of industry professionals stunned. She was now a thought leader. Word got around. 

New customers started to hear about her business. Loyal customers doubled down on their commitment to the brand. Her new video was the central spectacle in an adventurous awareness campaign. The video worked for her as a magnet by saying, “People like us do business with people like you.”

Now her business has a waiting list for the first time in over a decade.

And, inadvertently, her customers, her team, industry leaders, even her competition, are all excited to see what new idea she has up her sleeve. So every year we work together and out do ourselves. We’re so happy to have grown with her and her business. We hope to grow with you.

To think, it all started with one video…